Sunday, 28 July 2013

Camping in the Peak District

One nice Friday afternoon, when I had no internet so had nothing better to do, I took a spur of the moment trip to the Peak District.Taking just my bike, tent and some basic camera equipment I found a remote camp-site near Lathkill Dale to pitch up my little blue tent.

A river I came across while in search for a campsite

My tent, set up on the edge of a farmers field near Lathkill Dale

Felt like I should stick to the animal theme a little with this curious cow

An old farmhouse in the evening sun
The characteristic limestone rock faces of Lathkill Dale

A runner in the morning sun

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Poser leopard

Some animals were just meant for photographing. While in the Seronera Valley in the Serengeti we came across a Leopard posed beautifully in a tree right next to the track. Over the next 2 days he continued to provide hours of entertainment, and numerous photo opportunities. This led this young leopard to gain the name Poser Leopard. For anyone interested in good Leopard sightings on safari in Africa I would certainly recommend this area. 

Poser Leopard sitting calmly in a tree, observing the Safari trucks

Poser Leopard jumping down from his tree, just metres from our truck

A young warthog and leopard being thrown into the air by a defensive warthog mother

Poser Leopard recovering from his attempt to catch the young warthog for breakfast

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cheetahs in the rain

Inspired by two fantastic weeks on safari in Tanzania, as well as other adventures, I've decided to start a photographic blog. I thought I would start with some of my favourite photographs of the trip, which are all of a family of cheetahs, Mum and two cubs, that were caught in a rain storm. Unfortunate for them but it led to a very unique set of photographs for us!

The cheetah cubs playing with a hare found in a burrow

The Mum and her two cubs attempting to dry themselves off in vain

A juvenile cheetah cub chasing a bat eared fox

Two cheetah cubs in the rain, in the marsh area of Ndutu National park