Monday, 27 January 2014

Sunset over the Canal

The walk along the canal towards Willington in Derbyshire is usually very pleasant. There are nicely painted Canal boats, trees, Willington cooling towers in the distance and people walking very happy looking dogs. At sunset last Saturday it was beautiful! The canal, being a relatively still body of water, creates interesting reflections of the boats, trees and power-lines.

The canal boats lit with the evening sun.

Power-lines and trees reflecting in the canal.

The setting sun reflecting off a set of train lines. 

The dis-used Willington cooling towers,  shot from the bridge over the rail way line.

Swans floating off into the sunset.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The animals of Ndutu

I've already blogged lots about my experiences in Ndutu, but it's often very focused around the cheetahs and lions there. This posts highlights a few of the other delightful animals seen around the area.

Jackals are one of the few animals that still look cute with the entrails of a carcass in their mouths. 
This one had just manage to snatch a mouthful under the gaze of several Tawny eagles, 
which explains his smile.

A leopard tortoise which had wandered onto the road didn't look too impressed when I lay down in front of him.

I love watching giraffe eat, because they have such long tongues!

Another Jackal also looking pleased about his scavenged lunch. 

A pair of giraffe walking across the marshes of Ndutu.

On our way from Ndutu to the Ngorongoro crater we saw the beautiful sight of a new born zebra foal,
 trying to walk just minutes after birth.