Saturday, 23 November 2013

24 hours in Amman

Amman in the capital city of Jordan, which is known as the city of seven hills as it originally spanned across seven hills. Now spanning 19, the city is growing both in size and economically. Starting at the Citadal on the top of Jabal Al-qal'a I wandered down steep staircases, through markets and past Mosques before finding falafel and humous for lunch. Crossing through protests, churches and 7 way junctions I journeyed up Jabal Ashrafieh in search of the Abu Darweesh Mosque which was at the highest point in the city. Unfortunately I never quite made it on that far, as my map didn't quite stretch that far, and I was side tracked by some friendly locals and the sight of evening prays. Fortunately on my way back through Amman before my flight home I managed to explain to a taxi driver that I wanted to go to the big black and white mosque.

A night time view of Amman from the roof of my hotel.

The Roman temple of Hercules in the Citadel in Jabal Al-Qal'a

One of the many staircases in up and down the hills of Amman.

A spice shop which spilled out into the street. 

A Mosque hidden amongst the winding streets lit by the setting sun.

The magnificent black and white Abu Darweesh Mosque.

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