Saturday, 9 November 2013

Elephants and Zebra

Apart from wildebeest the most common large mammals that you see on safari seem to be zebra and elephants, which is great because both are really unique looking. These elephants are the first photographs of animals of my trip taken as we entered the Serengeti late in the evening. We caught up with the migration on our way out of the Serengeti heading towards Ndutu. The Zebra were dashing around a sandy basin where a watering hole had dried up, chasing after wildebeest and visa versa. We watched them run in circles, dashing across the remaining water and kicking up dust trails behind them.

An elephant gazing across the Serengeti plains.

An elephant having an evening snack as the setting sun catches their shoulder and tusk.

Zebra and wildebeest dashing across the sandy basin together.

Zebra slowly cross over a stream. 
A mess of strips and ears that could only be the migration

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