Saturday, 17 August 2013

Camping in Wadi Rum

The south of Jordan is mostly made up of the Arabian desert and was a spectacular place. Full of large rock formations and orange sand, it was easy to see why it was chosen as the film set for Lawrence of Arabia. We arrived at our campsite at around mid afternoon, and took off in 4 x 4 s across the sand venturing to sand dunes and Bedouin tea tents. Walking back towards the setting sun we collected firewood for later. Despite a night of barbecued goat, shisha and drinking around an open fire I still managed to make it out of our tent in time to capture the sunrise.

A view over the sandstone rock formations of Wadi Rum

Our Jordanian guide, Zuhair, watching the sun go down.

The rock face lit from the light of our camp fire.
Our group listening to Zuhair's stories around the camp fire.

Sunrise over Wadi Rum was definitely worth getting up for!

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