Thursday, 1 August 2013

The lions and the spare wheel cover

One morning, while in Ndutu in Tanzania, we came across a large pride of lions, about 20 in total including cubs. They mischievously stalked around our truck, peering around the exhausts and through the muddy back windows. A male started tugging at the spare wheel cover, deciding it would make a good plaything. We followed the lions and our spare wheel cover from the plains towards the marsh area, where we had a wonderful view of them breeching the top of a hill. Eventually the lions stopped on the bank of the big marsh, half resting on the short grass the other half playing hide and seek with the spare wheel cover. Eventually one of the older female lions snatched away the spare wheel cover and hide it in the long reeds of the marsh, causing the restless lions to find trees to climb.
The pride at first light

Lionesses, with a golden hale from the morning sun

A cheeky female lion peering around our exhaust
The male chewing at our spare tire cover (shot through our back window!)

The Male lion proudly walking away with his prize
A young lion cub gazing over the marsh
Mum and lion cub playing with the spare wheel cover
'Help I'm not sure I'm supposed to climb trees!'
Sorry for the long blog post, but it was a great morning, and I wanted to include enough photographs so that they could tell the story.

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