Monday, 12 August 2013

Two days in Istanbul

When I realised the cheapest way to fly to Israel was via Istanbul I thought where better to stop for the weekend! Especially when it was November and still beautifully sunny for my whole time there. I would highly recommend it as a city to visit; the beautiful mosques, views over the Bosphorus, friendly locals, and night-life (I took all of these photos hungover) probably made it one of my favourite cities in the world. The only advice I would have is try to stay for longer than 2 days!

The inside of Hagia Sophie - a Byzantine Church, 
turned Mosque which is now a museum

Hagia Sophia

Fishermen at sunset

There are so many great mosques in Istanbul that I can't actually remember which one this was taken in, sorry!

A view over the Bosphorus

Having seen Skyfall, I was fairly determined to find a way onto the roof of the Grand Bazaar. 
Once there I was told no photos.. so I smiled until the guard said 'just one'. 
Hence the panorama on my phone.

The Istanbul skyline from the ferry between the European side and the Asian side.

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