Thursday, 26 September 2013

A morning with Cheetah cubs

One very early morning in Ndutu we came across the same cheetah family featured in my first ever blog post, Cheetahs in the rain, which was about a Mum and her 2 young cheetah cubs who were caught in the rain storm. When we came across the Cheetahs they were just waking up to the sun peering through the trees. As they woke up the Cheetah cubs became a lot more active playing on the bank of the river and even chasing after hartebeest. As always the young cheetahs in Ndutu, Tanzania, full of surprises and amazing to watch!

A young cheetah cub yawning as the first rays of light woke him up!

The two cheetah cubs playing on the river bank

Mum watching over the cheetah cubs as they play fought

An over enthusiastic cheetah cub chasing hartebeest under the watchful eye of bat eared foxes

The cheetah Mum surveying the marsh, on the lookout for breakfast

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  1. These pictures are amazing! What an experience it must have been to take them