Saturday, 21 September 2013

Düsseldorf in the Autumn

I was lucky enough to be flying into Düsseldorf Airport for work, so got the flights booked 2 days early and spent the weekend exploring Düsseldorf. The visit was perfectly timed so the sun was shining all weekend, the leaves on the trees were a beautiful range of colours and Fortuna Düsseldorf only lost to Bayern Munich 1-3 so the locals were in high spirits. I found Düsseldorf  really easy to explore on foot, and got the chance to visit some of the spots at different times of day, which was great for photography!

A fountain on Königsallee, shot during the day

 The same fountain at night

A view from the K21 Ständehaus museum

The sun shining through a stain glass window in a church near the Rhine

The sun setting over the Rhine

The Rheinturm after dark

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  1. Gorgeous picture of the fountain during the day! X