Monday, 16 September 2013

Noor and Sultan, Mother and Son

Today's post continues on from Sultan of Ranthambore where we left young Sultan patiently waiting while his mother was defending her territory from another female tiger. Once the roars died down Noor ventured out from behind the outcrop of rocks to lay down in the drinking hole to cool down. Upon seeing his mother Sultan ventured out towards her looking like an embarrassed teenager when she greeted him with a big lick! They rest together for a while in the pool before walking along the bank, pausing to pose one last time, before disappearing into the grass.

Noor (T39) greeting her cub Sultan.

Sultan resting on his Mum's head as if she were his pillow. 

Sultan and Noor walking along the bank towards the shade of the trees together.

Peering through the grass. 

The setting sun behind a water tower in Ranthambore - India.


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    1. Thanks! Such beautiful creatures make the photography much easier!