Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A tiger playing in a watering hole

I've previously blogged about Noor and Sultan, Mother and Son but what about father? Ustad or T24 is a large male living with territory in zone 1 and zone 2 in Ranthambore national park. He is also Sultan's Dad. After our first encounter with Noor and Sultan we were just leaving the park when Ustad was walking down towards a watering hole looking magnificent in the late afternoon sun. He appeared to be limping, which confirmed a story told to us by some rangers earlier who had seen him walking on just 3 of his paws. When he reached the water he took a drink before splashing around with his injured paw as if to sooth the pain. Just as we had to leave he settled down in the water to cool off.

Ustad (T24) taking a drink from the watering hole.

Ustad looking as though he was about to pounce onto his own reflection.

Taking a drink while holding his injured paw off the ground.

Portrait of a tiger drinking in the watering hole.

Making ripples in the watering hole like a baby in the bath!

Ustad settled down in the watering hole to cool off.


  1. hi - like the pic of 'Portrait of a tiger drinking in the watering hole.' when was this taken? and has this photo been converted into a painting?

    1. Hi Nimish, to my knowledge this photograph may be being converted into a scroll saw pattern but not a painting.