Friday, 11 October 2013

The Serengeti lions

Our second morning in the Serengeti was one certainly one to remember. As the sun was rising we spotted a group of lions walking purposely across the plains, led by the older females. One the lions saw their target, a group of 5 or so wildebeest, they began to split up, forming a ring around the wildebeest while the cubs waited patiently by a bush. The most experienced female was walking along the road using our truck and the long grass as cover. Soon we could just see the tuft of the 5 lionesses' ears as they surrounded the wildebeest. All of a sudden a younger lioness sprinted towards the prey, but her inexperience showed, as it was too early and the other lionesses stayed put. The wildebeest scattered only to regroup minutes, completely forgetting about the hungry lion. After a few more minutes of stillness all of the lionesses sprinted towards the group of wildebeest scattering them properly, choosing the most confused looking one to tag team, until his neck was in their jaws. As soon as the wildebeest hit the floor the young lion cubs came running out eager for the taste of fresh meat.

A lion cub trying to sleep in a pile of his brothers and sisters.

The old lioness, stalking behind our truck, trying to us it as cover. 

The ears of a stalking lioness by the group of clueless wildebeest.

This pair of lions look like an old married couple who are very much still in love!

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