Sunday, 6 October 2013

Abseiling from Derby Cathedral

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me as it was time to do my Derby Cathedral Abseil, which I blogged about a month ago. When we arrived I gave my boyfriend a very quick lesson with my camera, and let him practise on the abseilers that were braving the decent. At the bottom of the tower I was kitted up with all necessary safety gear before being directed towards a very steep spiral staircase. Upon arrival at the top I photographed the views using my phone. Soon it was time for my big descent. My harness was checked and adjusted, then I was attached to various safety ropes and a huit to enable me to control my speed. After a quick safety briefing (while I was already hanging out over the edge of the tower) I was away, descending the 212 feet to the safety of the ground below.

I've managed to raise £260 so far but it's not too late to sponsor me through my justgiving page:

Me with all of my safety gear, ready to climb the spiral staircase.

The tower of Derby Cathedral set up for abseiling, with me at
the top taking photos of the view.

The roof tops of Derby..  not the most scenic of cities! 

 The very top of the tower.

The scaffold platform, safely secured to the roof of the tower, or so I hoped!

Me looking down from the top, while my huit was being attached.

The Derby Mountain Rescue statue.

Posing by the clock for a photograph. Almost safely on the ground!


  1. How tall was the tower? Are you going to tell your readers how much money you raised and for which charity? :) X x

    1. 212 feet! And £260 and counting, I'll update my post ;) x